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Since before the days of the Vikings, masts have been raised and sails unfurled in hope of good winds and fair weather.  Today, centuries later, we still set sail with the same sense of excitement.

The newest kind of sailing vessel is the ruddered sea kayak with its sleek lines and natural stability.  With minimal retrofitting, it can be easily outfitted with a fully functional sail.  When running downwind, this expands both the range of the craft and the enjoyment.  It adds an entirely new dimension to the rapidly expanding sport of "recreational" kayaking.

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The concept of sail rigs is not new.  Eskimos, islanders and adventurers have used them for centuries.  We used them on the frozen lakes of Wisconsin with ice skates and ice boats.  Commercially made sail rigs for sea kayaks are available, most made overseas or in Canada, most made for the "Expedition" kayak market.

The VISION Downwind Kayak Sail kit is, instead, produced for the "Recreational" kayaker.  It is designed to be safe and affordable, easy to master and fun for the kayaker who wants to harness the wind to enhance the kayaking experience.  It can be used effectively on any body of water with sufficient breeze to propel it, from Cape Cod Bay to Lake Michigan to the Florida Keys.  

Welcome to the enjoyment of Downwind Kayak Sailing.

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Note:  The VISION Downwind Kayak Sail is for ruddered kayaks only.