Sewn from quality nylon fabric, the VISION Sail Kits are made in the USA, produced in Enfield, Connecticut.  The sails were field tested in Florida in March of 2001 and produced 150 degrees of downwind capability.  Using 17.5 foot, ruddered Wilderness Systems “Sealution” kayaks and 15.5 square feet sails in a 15 – 20 mph wind, the boats handled beautifully.  Stability was not compromised and there was no downward thrust of the bow, even when sailing directly downwind under full sail.


Shaped like traditional sails, the VISION Sail is safer and easier to control than the available vertical, modified rectangle shaped sails.  This is particularly helpful in strong or gusty winds where sails with a wider surface at the top, could make the kayak less stable for the novice paddler.  The clear acetate window is positioned in the forward path of visibility and eliminates the blind spot for the paddler/sailor.

The sails are shipped with full, easy to follow instructions, by common carrier in 4 foot shipping tubes.  The masts are two-piece,  1″ x 47″ PVC, shipped with a pre-fit 3/4″ x 8″ connector rube.  When glued properly with PVC cement, it creates a permanently bonded 7′, 10″ mast.  An enclosed carrying case is designed to accommodate the full mast with attached sail for easy transport.  All necessary equipment is included in the kit except the PVC cement and the marine epoxy (due to the high cost of shipping flammable material).

The mast is mounted through a 1 3/4″ hole in the deck of the kayak into a mounting base, glued with marine epoxy to the bulkhead at the front of the cockpit or to the cockpit floor.  The mast stabilizing tube and the waterproof deck hole cover are provided with the sail kit.

Three sizes of sail are available in either white or yellow nylon to accommodate both the experience level of the paddler and the varried sizes of their kayaks.  The mast flexes slightly, helping to gather the wind into the unfurled sail.  With a minimum of hardware, the sail can be mounted vertically or rolled and carried on the deck of your kayak.  It can be easily mounted on your kayak on shore, by one person or just as easily mounted by a paddling companion while out on the open water.  When heading nearer into the wind, the sail can be allowed to luff and unobstructed paddling can be resumed without dismounting or rolling the sail.  This versatile piece of equipment will become a valued addition to your kayaking experience.