If unfamiliar with equipment, obtain sufficient instruction in its use and limitations.

  Prior to use, obtain first aid training and understand the principles of hypothermia and exposure.

  Carry appropriate first aid and water rescue equipment.

  Always wear USCG approved floatation device.

  Check all equipment prior to use for signs of wear or failure.

  Prior to use of this kayak sail, practice safe cockpit escape while capsized with sail erect and unfurled.

  Use only is downwind direction.  Attempting to tack against or sail perpendicular to the wind will result in instability and dramatically increase the risk of capsizing.

  The user of this sail assembly acknowledges both an understanding and the assumption of all personal risk involved in its use.

  Never use this kayak sails without another paddler/sailor.

  If you have any questions about this product or its use, contact VISION DOWNWIND KAYAK SAILS, LLC at (860) 763-3399.